Ball and Keg - Homebrew Keg Level Indicator

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Easily monitor the liquid level in your homebrew kegs. 

How it works:
The float contains a spherical magnet that is attracted to the orange steel indictor ball on the outside of the keg wall. The float is meticulously engineered and manufactured to float on the surface of the beverage while providing enough mass to roll smoothly down the inside of the keg as liquid is withdrawn. The magnetic attraction between the float magnet and the orange indicator bead is designed and tested to keep the float in constant contact with the wall of the keg as it rolls down the inside. The following cut away drawing shows how the product is configured while in use.


The Ball and Keg has been rigorously engineered and tested. It is approved for use with all styles of Cornelius kegs, both pin lock and ball lock.

The product can be used in "keezer" style beer refrigerators. If the "keezer" is tight on space, install the float and indicator outside of the "keezer" and gently move the keg into the unit. Allow enough space for the orange indicator ball to freely move down the keg wall. You should still be able to easily see it from the top of your unit.

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