Cascade Fresh Hops, 1 lb

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Check this out! We've teamed up with local hop farm Indy High Bines to offer you fresh, undried, unprocessed 2017 hops! And when we say local, we mean it. You can't get any more local when Indy High Bines is located just 3 miles west of our store on Thompson Road. Because they are completely unprocessed, "wet" hops will need to be picked up on Saturday, August 5th

Fresh hops can be used to create a truly unique beer. Seriously. You probably won't be able to replicate it! When picking a style keep in mind the fresh grassy, green, earthy type of flavors that you'll get from using wet hops. These beers should also be drunk relatively soon. Think of them as the Beaujolais nouveau of beer.  

Tips for brewing with wet hops

  • Use wet hops within 24-48 hours of being harvested
  • Avoid highly hopped beers like IPAs, Pale Ales, etc
  • Plan on using 6-8 times the amount of dried hops
  • Don't pinpoint a specific IBU. We won't know the Alpha Acid on these!
  • Use anywhere in the the brewing process: Whirlpool, bittering, late additions or dry hop
  • Or, bitter with dried hops and save your wet hops for late additions