Press Your Own Apple Cider

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Hard Cider is one of the easiest and most versatile fermented beverages to make at home. This year, don't settle for just buying jugs of cider to pour into your fermentor. Start with fresh apples and press your cider the old fashioned way! 

Check out our guide to making hard cider at home! 

We will be offering two cider pressing weekends this year. The first will take place over the weekend of September 23rd-24th. Another weekend will be scheduled later in October. Our apples are being sourced from local, central Indiana orchards.

Here's how it works: 

Pick your weekend

September dates:  23rd-24th

October dates: TBD

The September pressing will feature apples that are slightly more tart with a big "apple-y" flavor. By October, expect the blend of apples to be sweeter. We will work with you to select an exact appointment for your pressing. If your schedule is limited during the selected weekend, place your order early to guarantee the exact time. 

Pick your quantity

Apples are sold by the bushel and you can expect to average about 2.5 gallons per bushel. Keep in mind that apples are a finicky agricultural product and exact yield is not guaranteed. Something else to remember - apple cider has a lot of solid bits in it. So if you start out with 5 gallons of cider expect to have about 4 gallons of finished product to bottle. 

Pick your yeast

We are offering the ability to pre-order a specific yeast to use with your cider. One of the reasons cider is so easy and versatile is because you can use just about any wine or beer yeast for fermentation. But, in order to get the yeast you prefer, we ask that you select a strain from the related items below.

Press your cider!

Show up at your scheduled appointment time and we'll guide you through the process. Some things you might want to bring include:

  • A friend - Pressing is a bit labor intensive, so it might be good to have some extra hands. 
  • A fermentor - We'll have sanitizer available for you to use
  • Old shoes - Things tend to get a little sticky

That's it! You'll leave with fresh pressed apple cider ready to be fermented! (or just drink it fresh!)

All apple orders must be paid in full before confirming your pressing time. If you select the "Pay In Store" option, you will need to contact us with payment information.