Reverse Osmosis Water

Current RO readings
as of 11/16/17

TDS: 11
pH: 6.8

Reverse osmosis water is now available for our customers to purchase. Homebrewers can bring their water containers and fill up while shopping for other ingredients and supplies. RO water is available for $1 per gallon or $4 per 5 gallons. 

Why is our water different? 

Our RO water is slightly more expensive that what you'll find when you fill your containers at the local grocery store. We feel it is a premium product for several reasons:

#1 Water Quality

We're constantly monitoring the quality of the water. With an integrated TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meter we always know how the system is performing which means we can maintain filters and membranes at top performance. Grocery store systems, although inspected regularly, may not always be operating at the best level. But, the worst part is that you will never know. 

#2 Waste Water

Our custom designed system reduces the waste water produced by 50%! We gotta do what's right for the environment and conserving water was a top priority for us when installing an RO system. Our system uses a dual membrane configuration and multiple shutoff valves to ensure we're not wasting any unnecessary water. 

#3 We're Locally Owned

Your dollars stay local when you spend local. Need we say more?