The Grainfather Connect All Grain Brewing System

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  • Convenient all electric, all-grain brewing system
  • All-in-one design: Mash, sparge, boil and chill in the same vessel
  • Magnetic drive pump for RIMS style recirculation and chilling
  • Counterflow chiller included
  • Bluetooth control with Connect controller
  • Takes up slightly more space than a standard fermentation bucket or carboy
  • Consistency from batch to batch
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Quick, easy cleanup 

Connect Control Box

  • Waterproof graphic display for current and set temp, power level, brew times, and more.
  • Adds Bluetooth control to your Grainfather through app
  • True PID temperature control resulting in more stable heating and power control
  • Delayed heating mode so your strike water is ready when you are
  • Programmable step mashing
  • Operate manually or with iPhone app (Android in development)

App Features

  • Control your brew day remotely
  • Create "Quick Profiles" or import Beer XML recipe files
  • App notifications for strike water/boil temp reached, kettle additions, etc.
  • Calculators for water volumes, ABV, Efficiency, and more
  • Access Grainfather Grain Kit recipes
  • Switch between °C and °F
  • Set custom boil temperature (for different altitude)

How it works

  • Fill with appropriate water volume and set strike temp
  • Once temp reached, add grains to grain basket and begin recirculation, set desired mash temp
  • When ready to sparge, lift grain basket from kettle and lock into place 
  • Use pre-heated sparge water to rinse through grain basket (sparge water heater available separately)
  • Remove basket and increase temp to boil
  • After boiling attach included counterflow chiller, chill and pump into fermenter at the same time


  • Built in 110-120V, 1600w electric element
  • 304 grade stainless steel body
  • Tempered glass lid
  • Magnetic drive pump (6 watt, 1800 RPM)
  • Expandable grain basket to suit grain bills up to 20lbs
  • Top and bottom mesh screen for grain basket
  • Stainless steel kettle screen
  • Temperature and pump control
  • Recirculation pipe with insulated handle
  • 8 US Gal capacity
  • Counter Flow Wort Chiller with copper inner coil
  • Micro pipework available for smaller batch sizes


The Grainfather is our preferred in-store brewing system. We've brewed dozens of batches and can answer most questions regarding use or troubleshooting. Grainfather also offers telephone and email support. All Grainfathers come with a 24 month warranty. 

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  • 5
    No Muss, Easy All-Grain Brewing

    Posted by Damon Jordan on Mar 4th 2017

    The first thing I always say about the Grainfather is this: If I were getting into all-grain brewing today, this is what I what I would buy. It's very easy to operate, it's convenient, and it's proper all-grain brewing. There are two things I don't love about it--one large and one small--but in light of the overall ease-of-use of the system, I still think the Grainfather rates a five-star review.

    First, it really is straightforward and makes an all-grain brew day simple: With the new Connect unit, you can have the water ready to go whenever you want (which, for me, is first thing in the morning). I can wake up, dough-in and start the mash before I get coffee and shave. After the sparge, you can clean up the grain basket while you start the boil. By then time you get your wort into the fermenter, clean up is literally automatic.

    It's a good value for what you get and it's a small footprint, too. Storing it only takes as much room as the unit itself.

    You can brew inside with it, which if you are in an apartment is perfect. This brings me to my first problem with it, though -- and this is the biggest problem I have with it. I don't brew inside, and the heating element is pretty weak. It is a struggle to keep a boil going on the unit when you use the unit outdoors. I am considering buying a drop in heating element to help the built-in one. That said, you can still get a boil going -- even outside -- but I am used to Blichmann propane burners that I have instant control of.

    The second thing I don't love about it is the sparge. You have to have a way to heat water separately from the unit, of course, and without a stand (which looks easy enough to build), you can't "automate" the process. No big deal, of course, but when the rest of it is so easy, sparging with a pitcher is a small annoyance. (I also don't love that the wort splashes during the sparge phase, though I haven't gotten any noticeable off-flavors from hot-side aeration, so no biggie.)

    If you are new to brewing and want to jump right in, I couldn't rate this machine highly enough. If you are looking to move to all-grain from extract, this is perfect, too. Or you can use it like I do as a way to make an extra five gallons while I work on my larger system.

    I really do love this machine.

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    Now this is how you do it!

    Posted by Brian G. on Mar 3rd 2017

    I was a bit concerned that the US (lower wattage heating element) version would not provide a solid rolling boil, but my fears where for naught. I did go ahead and get the Graincoat insulation wrap and used that even with my first ever run, so I can't comment on how it fares without it, but issues. Clean up is so much easier than with my old kettle and converted cooler mash tun setup. Plus, I was offered BT controller as an upgrade at time of purchase and paired with my Android phone, made everything even easier working from my phone like a remote control.

    Customer service from Bill Jimerson was top notch as well. Answered numerous questions before and after the purchase and was very pleasant and helpful.

    If you're thinking of upgrading maybe from a single kettle brew pot and cooler mash tun setup like I was, this is an affordable yet refined next step. Pull the trigger, you'll be happy you did.

  • 5
    A very nice all in one unit.

    Posted by Ryan on Jan 28th 2017

    I havnt brewed with the system yet, but I have done the cleaning and just general fiddling around with it to get familiar with the unit. This thing is awesome. I wish I had gotten it sooner frankly.

    It feels quite well put together. All the components feel very high quality. Temp controller is spot on out of the box (compared it to my SSbrewbuckets probe).

    Im expecting great things from it when I can actually brew with it. Really really looking forward to being able to brew inside when the weather is awful.

    Id highly recommend this to anyone looking for an all in one system.

    Also the counterflow chiller is amazing. It was taking boiling water down to pitch temp instantly.

    As for how long it takes to actually heat its not bad. I filled with hot water from my taps (YAY INSIDE), so it started at ~130*

    Time to hit an average mash temp of 152* was ~17mins

    to hit boil from that was 44mins.

    This was without the graincoat. It hadnt arrived yet. With the coat.

    Cut 6min off reaching mash temp
    Cut 10min off reaching boil

  • 5
    Best spontaneous decision I've made for Home Brewing!

    Posted by Dustin L. on Jan 19th 2017

    Hey All! I've been home brewing for 5 years now. During that time I have been trying to decide if I was happy making 5 gallon batches, or if I wanted to brew bigger batches.Based on that I was going to build upon the gear I had been using to facilitate that (capacity as far as bigger kettle, HERMS/RIMS, all electric, etc...) Well, shortly before last Thanksgiving, I decided 5 gallons was a great size to stay with, but what should I do to not go for broke in building a brew system that can recirculate mash water, keep temps stabilized, allow for multi-step mashes and not take up all of my free garage space in the process?!

    Meet the GRAINFATHER! I purchased as part of Final Gravity's Black Friday sale and have not regretted the decision since! This thing does everything I was looking for PLUS comes with some great accessories! For one, this unit allows you to mash and boil in the same unit! It has a straight forward temperature controller that allow you to use the PID control to set a temp for your mash and hold it within a degree (it is set stock at 2 degree differential, but it is able to be set to within 1 degree), allows you to bypass the PID and go full-boil and also control the built-in magnetic drive pump. It is super simple to use, very easy to clean. One of the coolest things that it comes with as an accessory is a counterflow chiller! Very efficient, cools to pitching temps pretty much as fast as the pump can pump it through and I have noticed it saves me on my water bill, as I don't have to use as much to cool the wort!

    As of this review I have brewed 4 5-gallon batches. 3 ale and 1 lager (see my Brewjacket Immersion Pro review) The only issues I have had, have been on recipes that have large amounts high protein grains in the grist (malted rye and oatmeal) Issue was the mash gets pretty dense and the wort didn't flow through as freely as other recipes. I 100% take responsibility for being a novice with this brewing instrument and know it just takes more practice to learn how to use it. Don't let my experience in the first couple batches I've done on it change your mind...I've had lots of not so happy mash moments on my old cooler setup that I had done over 50 batches on, haha.

    I could go on forever, but this review is getting long as it is. Bottom line, if you want an all-in-one setup that you can use anywhere you have a normal 120v wall outlet and a source of water, this is it! Final Gravity also give you the choice of a free accessory, Hop Spider or Graincoat. I have both, and highly recommend you also purchasing whatever one you don't get free. If you have question on how to use it, I know Bill will be glad to help you out and even invite you to brew with him on his Grainfather at the store. You won't regret the decision!!!!

  • 5
    Best brewing purchase I have made

    Posted by Dan S. on Jan 16th 2017

    Purchased my Granfather Brewing System during the Black Friday sale at Final Gravity Homebrew Supply. As of today I have a total of 6 brew sessions on this system and can say by far this was the best beer purchase I have made when it comes to my home brewing hobby. This system is easy to use, easier to hit all your numbers, easier to set up and take down and clean, and gave me an all around better end product in my beer. Would highly recommend the Grainfather and Final Gravity Homebrew Supply.

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    The Most Convenient Brewing System I've Ever Used

    Posted by Bill Jimerson on Nov 23rd 2016

    I'm Bill Jimerson, owner of Final Gravity Homebrew Supply. I don't review many products here because that practice can lead down a slippery slope. So when you see a review by me, you can know that it's because the product stands out in front of the rest.

    The Grainfather is the most convenient brewing system I've ever used. Period. The fact that I can brew indoors, on any surface, is enough to make me happy. Now, we have to take into account the easy cleanup, small footprint, and included counterflow chiller. Plus, you have a full recirculating mash system for $890! You cannot build a system for that price.

    No system is perfect, and I have two criticisms that I've found with this system. A hop spider, or other hop containment, is almost a necessity. The included screen in the bottom of the kettle will get clogged quickly. Second, any 120v brewing system will take a while to heat liquid. However, you're able to plug this in to any standard household outlet without running special wiring.

    I personally own one of these brewing systems. I also have a 15 gallon 3 vessel system that I use from time to time. But I've brewed more batches on the Grainfather over that last year than I have on the large system, 20 to 1.