Tower of Power™ Electric Temperature and Power Controller

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The TOWER of POWER™ temperature and power control module from Blichmann Engineering™ is a high quality, high accuracy RIMS system temperature control module. These controllers work in concert with the suite of equipment options to complete your Blichmann Engineering™ system or act as a freestanding control powerhouse!


Purchase a single control unit for your mash tun, one for your hot liquor tank, or both. Already have a pump and all the plumbing for your system? No problem. All you will need are the control units. Should you need the pump and plumbing in a compact and convenient freestanding configuration, the control stand can be purchased separately. And the TOWER of POWER™ control stand even bolts to the TopTier™ stand with the optional mounting kit.  Looking for a more compact stand?  Check out the LTE controller stand.


We aren't kidding when we say the TOWER of POWER™ offers superior precision and accuracy. The control module will hold your mash within +/- 0.5°F (0.28°C). With this level of precision, repeatable with your beer will become the norm in your home brewery.

For accuracy and precision, you need both a high-quality sensor and a high-quality meter that can read it. The TOWER of POWER™ uses a Class A precision RTD and a high-quality metering circuit found in PIDs and PLCs. Only the TOWER of POWER™ delivers that level of accuracy - so accurate and precise you can use it to calibrate your other instruments!


With the TOWER of POWER™ control module, ramp times are fast and automatic, with outstanding control and easy maintenance of +/-0.5°F (0.28°C) stability. Free TOP-Link software and optional communication cable can be purchased to easily program an unlimited number of mash profiles and even monitor and log data on your PC. This level of automation brings reproducible results every time, taking your home brewery to the same level as a professional brewery.