Wednesday Workshops

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Wednesday Workshops are our short format, free classes that address some of the top homebrewing topics. We'll cover equipment, ingredients, process, sensory analysis, and if you have a suggestion for a workshop please feel free to submit via our contact form.  

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All classes begin promptly at 6:30pm.


Class Descriptions:

German Noble Hops - Discuss the history, significance, and usage of the four German noble hops. Includes sensory analysis. (beer samples!)

Decoction Mashing - Discuss the history, process, and reasons for decocting. 

New Zealand Hops - Discuss how these hops have been developed and typical characteristics. Includes sensory analysis.

Step Mashing - Discuss the reasons and processes for doing a multi-step mash.

Effects of pH - Discuss how and why mash and final beer pH influence your beer.

Brewing Consistent Beer - Tips and tricks to help you dial in your brewing process and make great beer every time.

Brewing Calculations - Discussion of how and why OG, FG, ABV, IBU, SRM, efficiency, etc are calculated.